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Echoes in the Dust is an ongoing site-specific exhibit housed in three of six historical buildings at the Will County Historical Museum Heritage Village located along the I&M Canal in Lockport, IL, consisting of a series of hand-made artist books, large-scale prints, archival documents, and an accompanying sound composition. Drawn to questioning my sense of identity as an immigrant, this exhibit examines attitudes of expendability held toward immigrants both past and present, highlighting the fading legacy, inequities, and neglected achievements of immigrants attempting to forge a new home in a new country and culture while toiling on the Illinois and Michigan (I&M) Canal. My body of work challenges the adequacy of the archives and history surrounding the I&M and the implications stemming from how immigrants have been perceived historically. Through this process, I provide context to the circumstances in which immigrants existed and continue to exist and their place in the purported American Dream.

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