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1104 S. Wabash Ave, Chicago, IL 60605
May 3–23, 2019 
Reception: May 9, 6–9pm 

A second location of my exhibition Echoes in the Dust took place at Columbia College’s Glass Curtain Gallery, Chicago. The Glass Curtain Gallery installation was an admixture of historical artifacts and my artwork in response to the Heritage Village site. This fusion of artwork and historic artifacts occupying the same space established a connection to the time and space in which my site-specific show occupied, paralleling past with present. 

At Glass Curtain Gallery, I included large-scale photographic prints depicting the site-specific exhibit (taken at the Lockport Historic Village), and historic artifacts (a table and four chairs). 


The excerpts, represented through large-format prints, aided in contextualizing how my artwork was displayed within the village, simulating the 19th century Heritage Village. 

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